Allen's World | About
I strive to see the world through compassionate eyes. I'm intrigued by the mystery in the everyday. My photos reflect the world in which I live - each moment, every day. Sometimes I match these images with my poetry, when the two, the image and the words, support each other and enhance the experience and the emotions. I look for the beauty in the ordinary, the connections between all things. I hope my images stand alone but are also an entrance into a space that encompasses all things in the great dance of the Universe. I hope these images and words mean something to you. They are done with love, given to the world with love and care. Let me share a poem of mine that let's you know a bit more about how I see myself in this world.


I am the dream of God
Or some old whore
Sleeping off the dregs
Of a hard night
Passed out on a cloud of light
Or a wet night-stained mattress
Lying dirty in a dirty alley.

I am the essence of love
Or the rotten smell of decay
deep as God’s despair
I have seen God cry at his failures
But never heard him

I am the last great hope
Or no hope at all
Hope is the harbinger of despair
The crow in the fable

I am all in all
Or I am nothing at all
Hollow as the noose swinging, waiting
for a neck to give it meaning

I am the crane flying
The fly dying
The river draining

I am the whore

I am God

I am lying